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ANP_GK_103Sam Hayek has built and ran many successful food operations during his time in hospitality.

His first business was a specialist supermarket, which he later sold to open Jacobs Delicious Deli Café. During his time as the owner of Jacobs—a successful provedore in the highly competitive food hub of Balmain—Sam became familiar with a range of rare, quality and sought after ingredients, as well as their suppliers. These connections enabled him to develop a wider knowledge in the production and costs of such ingredients, which would prove central to his later success as a café owner.

These links, along with a passion for sharing his food, lead him to opening Hangry in Rozelle in 2010—a popular local café on Darling Street that was renowned for its modern take on fragrant middle eastern cuisine. While owning Hangry, Sam’s Balmain Catering Company also rapidly grew in popularity.

Having received rave reviews and a strong local following, Sam couldn’t resist an offer to sell Hangry at the end of 2012, allowing him more time to focus on his growing catering and consultancy businesses. This isn’t the first successful sale he’s made, and it won’t be his last. Sam has defied Sydney’s challenging food and hospitality scene to produce success after success over many years.

His knowledge is now being sought after by café and restaurant owners across Sydney, to ensure that they too understand the formula and the principles behind turning food passion into profit.

Sam remains passionate about bringing the best of Sydney (and Australia) to the plate, and on his entrepreneurial journey, he has gained valuable insight across a range of food types and fields.

When asked where his own passion came from, he simply explains how privileged he was to know who he believes to be the most talented cook he’s ever encountered—his mum.

Sam’s continued success is testament to his methods and innate understanding of food culture and the industry. He can bring the same knowledge and insight to your business.

If your food business has failed to deliver a profit, Sam will help.