The Secret to Cafe Success
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Café Improvement Services

Sam Hayek works together with café and restaurant owners to help them transform their under-performing food businesses into culinary hotspots. Many Australians are passionate about food, but to transform your passion into a profit, you’ll need the help of an expert consultant.

Sam offers a one-on-one business assessment as well as professional recommendations, training and development programs to turn your business around—fast.

Café Assessment

Our first step is to visit your café as a regular customer and observe the strengths and weaknesses of your current situation. From the menu to the seating, staff behaviors to food quality and expectations, we will be able to provide you with an overall understanding of how your customers are experiencing your café or restaurant. From our assessment, we can begin to make recommendations and provide you with options as to the most efficient way forward.

Our personalized and tailored approach ensures that we can develop a success strategy with the flexibility to meet your budget and deliver results.


Success Strategy

Do you know your target audience? Their expectations, disposable income, dietary needs or style? While it is important to know what type of food and mood you want to create, it is also important to know how well your vision fits with your desired customer base and location.


Do you know what you need to earn to cover expenses, invest in marketing and produce a profit? Knowing the numbers and your customers wants, provides a set of key parameters that is often overlooked by new café and restaurant owners keen to share their passion with the world. Thankfully, with a success strategy in place, we can help you understand your expenses and income, identify and attract a profitable market, and sustain the steps needed for success.


Barista Training

Never before have Sydney-siders been so obsessed with coffee. It’s great news if you know what you’re doing, but if your coffee is letting you down, it will turn customers away.


Sam can help. His professional barista training will ensure you’re delivering the perfect cup, every time. By increasing your staff knowledge, you will also be increasing the breadth of coffee options available to your customers, and with café art your customers will enjoy that playful and personal touch.


Menu Development

From pricing to position, developing a profitable menu is key to your long-term success. It’s important to be true to your food genre, while offering a range of appetizing options that will impress your customers. The structure of a menu is as important as the dishes you serve. We can help you design a menu with recipes that maximize your ingredients and minimize your outlay, while being easy to read (and digest!), and set to please your target audience.


Staff Training

Your staff are the face of your business. How friendly, knowledgeable and professional they are, will determine how your customers perceive your establishment. They need to impress, and to do so proper training and industry knowledge are required. Our staff training is tailored to accommodate your business needs. Talk to us about how we can help raise your standards.


Layout and Planning

A successful café has more than great food and friendly staff; customers must feel comfortable and invited in. Through the strategic design of table layouts, seating arrangements and interiors, we can create an atmosphere that is inviting to your target audience. Your ambiance will ultimately determine who wants to stay and who wants to go; it’s important that your preferred customers feel welcome, and those who are ‘drinks only’ don’t force the food-lovers out.

There’s a science to table design and layout as well as customer flow. By knowing how to maximize your space and minimize your waste, you can ensure that every table is turning a solid return.


Supplier Liaison

Having the right suppliers is critical to your quality and your bottom line. Sam’s industry network can help you to establish the right suppliers for your business, as well as the right price. Knowing where your ingredients come from and under what conditions they have been farmed or produced, is also essential in today’s consumer savvy and ethically charged environment.



How are you promoting your business? Are you making the most of online reviews, street frontage, in-store? Are you a known brand who gets local media coverage?  Ensuring your business maintains new customers is key to long-term success. We can help with marketing and promoting your business in cost-efficient and effective ways.